Every week you will find the Bosje wanted section near The Hague. In it we introduce a dog, cat, bird or rabbit that is in the shelter waiting for a nice new owner who will take care of the animal with a lot of love and attention.

We are closing 595 well off, because no fewer than twenty-nine pets have found a new owner (or new staff) and one of the animals is even back with its old owner.

Asylum animals

Including rabbits Miffy and Teddy, females Molly, Swing, Toulouse, Elise and Jessy, males Link and Red and dogs Chips and Thaigo are feeling extra warm this New Year.

Not all animals from the section found an owner. So take a look at the dogs Milo and Hootch or cats and cats like Fred and Foxtrot. Also this year there will be sweethearts who are looking for a warm basket, so keep an eye on the neighborhood.

Stichting Haags Dierencentrum

Lozerlaan 595,

MC The Hague

Closed now

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