There is nothing better than homemade oliebollen and apple turnovers. Or maybe you threw a bitter garnish in the (frying) pan yesterday? Now that the party’s over, you’re still stuck. Where do you put the used frying fat? Secretly pour it down the drain?

That’s not allowed. Used (frying) fat does not belong in the sewer, because this causes blockages. Washing away the frying fat may be nice and easy, but the fat solidifies very quickly as soon as it ends up in the sewage system. This in turn can lead to problems with the drainage of waste water from your home and that of your neighbours.

Consequences: the sink does not flush, the toilet overflows … You do not want that! Click here for much more info about the sewer, solving problems and what can and cannot be flushed.

This is much better than rinsing away the frying fat

Instead of rinsing away the frying fat, it is better to store and hand in the fat. This is how you do it: save your empty bottle of the frying fat. It does not matter whether this is sunflower oil or another type of frying fat. When you’re done frying, let the oil cool down first. Then you can tip the fat or oil back into the bottle and hand it in.

The Municipality of The Hague collects frying fat and cooking oil for reuse. Did you know that the old fat and oil are used to make biofuel? The plastic bottle that contains that greasy sludge is also immediately reused. So good job twice!

Where can you hand in your frying fat?

You can leave your packaging at the Haagse Stadsboerderijen hand in frying fat. The great thing is that the farm receives compensation from the municipality for every delivery, so you also support the Stadsboerderij with it. You can also take the deep-frying fat to one of the waste disposal stations in The Hague.

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