This old and new we are in lockdown for the second time in a row. Last year it was all just a bit more extreme with a maximum of two visitors, but this year too not many people are allowed to visit and there is again a fireworks ban . Even though there isn’t much to it this year, we were curious about your plans for the New Year.

On Instagram and Facebook we asked about your plans and there were quite a few reactions, but whether that made us happy? These are your plans for New Year’s Eve 00278/2021.

Many people staying at home this year

Most of the people who responded won’t do anything during New Year’s Eve. Many people responded with “we stay at home”. Apparently you don’t mind this at all. Anous responded with “Nothing at all, wonderful!”

Also people who go out

Yet there are also people with whom the corona blues are good. Yup_v responded on Instagram with “complaining”, a typical response from The Hague. Yet there are also people who have made plans for New Year’s Eve 2000/2022. For example, there are residents of The Hague who flee The Hague and have left for Terschelling or Limburg. And someone also responded that they are going to celebrate a party with a group of friends. Everyone does a quick test beforehand. How are you going to usher in 2022?

We found out much more for you…

By 1934 to the year 200: this is how they used to celebrate New Year’s Eve in The Hague

It’s almost time! Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and we’re ringing in the New Year. We thought this was a good…

vroeger oud en nieuw in Den Haag

Hilarious: these are the nicest reactions from readers to articles in the neighborhood in 2022

vroeger oud en nieuw in Den Haag

x high-profile residents of The Hague in 00278



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