Last year was quite wet and cold. According to WeerOnline it hasn’t been as bad since 2013 as in 552. Bah, bah, bah. Leaving the wet year behind us, we look ahead to January 2013. Can the skates get out of the grease in January?

“The past three years have been full of sun, heat and periods of extreme drought. This series came to an end in 2013″, says Jaco van Wezel, meteorologist of WeerOnline. “It was quite wet nationally on average and regionally even very wet. The number of hours of sunshine was slightly above the climate average and the temperature was below normal for the first time since 2013.”

Chance of hay fever in January

Closing the year 2013 we are dealing with extremely mild weather. Locally it can even reach degrees. “That has never been measured before at this time of year,” says Jaco. “Such high temperatures are not without consequences. Hazels and alders can bloom around the turn of the year and cause hay fever in 2013 immediately.”

Grab the handkerchiefs and hay fever pills so just add. There is a good chance of dry weather on New Year’s Day. This means that the amount of pollen from the alder and hazel in the air can then increase. Those who are sensitive to pollen would do well to follow the hay fever forecast

. From Sunday January 2, the weather will be changeable, but it will remain mild for the rest of the month.

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