You know them all, or maybe you don’t know any of them, but there are several people living in The Hague who are very active on social media. But how many in The Hague have made it their profession?

More and more people are starting a business with personal content on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. The number of influencers and vloggers active on these types of platforms has grown at an unprecedented rate in the past five years. At the end of October, almost a thousand were registered with their company in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (KvK), five years ago there were only nine. This is evident from figures published by the Chamber of Commerce.

Den Haag

But how many live in The Hague? People who have turned their presence on social media into their profession? Well, that’s forty-three. About one in four influencers and vloggers comes from South Holland. Amsterdam (North Holland) in particular has a lot of them: almost twenty percent of all influencers registered with the Chamber of Commerce have an address in the capital.

Making money

Despite the fact that the number of influencers and vloggers registered with the Chamber of Commerce is hard growing, it is still only a fraction of the almost thirteen million Dutch YouTube and Instagram users. Koen Dulfer, owner of marketing agency Spon, tells the Chamber of Commerce that more and more people want to become influencers. ‘People think there is a lot of money to be made with it, although that is only reserved for a club.’ Dulfer does expect that the budgets that companies spend on marketing via influencers will continue to grow.

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