Mobility center RVC Nederland will be a taxi handler at Eindhoven Airport for at least four years from February. They are therefore responsible for access to the taxi concession strip and the settlement for its use. The taxi lane will be made public for all taxi companies that register with RVC.

In addition to granting access, RVC will also provide communication with drivers and taxi companies and check the quality of taxis and drivers, invoicing, access control and capacity management. to avoid circulating taxis. It concerns the taxi concession strip on the forecourt of the airport, which opened at the beginning of last year, just in front of the entrance to the terminal building.

In the past, Eindhoven Airport worked with one taxi company that was granted exclusive rights. to provide transportation from the taxi concession lane. “We did this to guarantee quality and overview”, explains Jaap Verheijen, manager Parking & Mobility services. “However, the market is now better regulated by legislation and regulations, online reviews and the option to book or orientate online. In addition, the driver is no longer anonymous and rates have become more transparent.”

For this reason, Eindhoven Airport has opted for an open market principle where all taxi companies can register with the handling agent to access the airport boarding market and to pick up passengers of ordered rides. “The market now regulates the quality itself. In doing so, we follow the TTO principles that the municipality of Eindhoven uses in its taxi policy,” says Verheijen.

The system for admission After agreement with the conditions and rules of the game, access to the two taxi lanes will be authorized. One for the boarding market and one for ordered transport. With an app, the availability of the registered vehicle can be made known or it is possible to log in for the collection of passengers previously dropped off at the Kiss & Ride.

The system keeps track of which vehicle is on each time of the day and directs the first vehicles to the airport. There must be a minimum of two and a maximum of eight taxis on the strip. This is done with license plate recognition. As soon as a vehicle leaves the airport, the next vehicle in the (virtual) queue is requested to drive to the airport. If the driver does not respond to the call, the next one is automatically invited.

Quality assessment A market consultation was done and the assignment was put on the market based on this input. Entries were judged on quality, with which a total of 35 points could be earned. Firstly, this concerned capacity management, for which tenderers could receive 50 points. Furthermore, twenty points could be earned each with supervision, sustainability and the processing of fees. Finally, ten points could be scored for platform and digital accessibility and innovations.

RVC will have to pay an annual concession fee to Eindhoven Airport, consisting of a fixed payment and a payment of 28 percent per barrier transaction. For 2022 the fixed payment 35 . euros. In the following years it is about 35. euros per year.

Looking forward to long-term cooperation The agreement has a term of four years, with the option of extending for two two years until February 1 at the latest 2022 . Henny Kamphorst, director of RVC Nederland is pleased that their registration has received the highest rating.” We have worked hard with the team to achieve this. In the coming months we will be organizing a few things at a rapid pace in order to be able to start the assignment in February. We look forward to a long-term cooperation with Eindhoven Airport, the passengers of the airport and the taxi market.” Read also:

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