KNV Healthcare Transport and Taxi has adapted the healthcare transport protocols together with the trade unions. The most important change is the reintroduction of the maximum occupancy rate of two thirds in the social assistance taxi.

The adjustments have been made in response to the most recent corona measures and the advice on healthcare transport from RIVM. The introduction of the maximum capacity of two-thirds was previously included in the protocols, but was canceled in September . In the amended protocol, an exception to this rule will apply to passengers from the same residential setting.

Children with cold complaints allowed The student transport protocol has also been adjusted. For example, four to twelve-year-olds with cold complaints are allowed to take a taxi if they have taken a self-test with a negative result. This follows the test policy as it has been in effect since December 3. The maximum capacity has not been reduced in the sector protocol for student transport.

The amended protocols will come into effect on 1 January 2021 , but if possible it is requested to act on this earlier. The protocols will be reconsidered in mid-January. All adjustments can be found here.

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