A year ago, fleet owner Peter Salders found himself in a difficult position. His insurer stopped offering taxi insurance and he saw his options for a new insurance decrease considerably. In the end, he found a solution from which he has been benefiting in several areas for a year now.

“A year ago, the market was in flux and it was becoming increasingly difficult to to put everything in an insurance policy”, says the owner of Taxi Salders. “At that time, we were with a large insurance company that closed down. The only other options were also in danger of disappearing. Then we went to see what the alternatives were.”

The taxi entrepreneur became aware of the insurer Traksi and started to study the concept. Ultimately, the pricing was one of the biggest reasons for switching to this insurer. The monthly premium is based on the driver’s driving behaviour, which is measured using equipment that is built into the taxi. Good driving behavior is rewarded with an extra discount. “At the beginning, drivers were skeptical about the measurements, but now they see the benefits,” says Salders.

Drivers aware of points for improvement “The entire fleet was already driving above average with the first measurement,” says Salders. The Traksi system is therefore now mainly used to make drivers aware of possible points for improvement. Offering a course that includes driving behavior is part of this. “After such a course from the drivers, it is a good benchmark to provide insight into the data via Traksi and to talk about it.”

Meanwhile, the drivers are also working on their driving score among themselves. “They make it a sport to keep the score as high as possible and that is what you as an employer would like to hear,” says Salders. A mobile application shows how the driving behavior of the drivers is going. Thanks to traffic light colors and a corresponding score, the drivers immediately know who is winning.

Savings on fuel and maintenance A green traffic light means that a driver is driving correctly. When asked whether green driving is actually feasible, Salders is firm: “Yes, it is certainly possible. The first measurement of our fleet was actually above expectations, but by drawing extra attention to it and sending it in a bit, you see that you can score a few extra points.”

In addition to the savings on his monthly premium, Salders sees cost savings in all consumption figures. For example, better driving behavior leads to savings on fuel and maintenance. “I think I’m about 13 percent cheaper with Traksi. Those are really serious amounts.”

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