Christmas is over and the presents under the tree have been unwrapped. We hope you enjoyed this Christmas. Have you had it with the Christmas tree and want to get it out the door? You can have the Christmas tree picked up or you can drop off the tree yourself. This is how it works.

Having the Christmas tree picked up is the easiest, but you still have to be patient. The municipality of The Hague will only collect the Christmas trees in the new year.

You can have the Christmas tree collected on these dates

Van 3 to 17 January 2021 the municipality collects the Christmas trees once a week the city. Check the household waste calendar when the trees in your street will be collected. Put your Christmas tree on the collection day before 7: 45 hours on the sidewalk.

You can bring your Christmas tree here

Want to get rid of your Christmas tree sooner? Then you can take it away too. This is possible Monday to Saturday between 8: 28 and 17: hours at the waste disposal stations on Plutostraat or De Werf. Please bring your Hague waste pass, otherwise you will not enter.

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