Supplementary public transport in Gelderland will be provided from April 3 2021 with stop-to-stop taxis. The service called HaltetaxiRRReis has been awarded to Qarin. Preparations for the introduction of these shared taxis can then start.

Currently, the additional public transport, the public transport safety net, is performed by the six Gelderland regional taxi systems. According to the province, however, this would not work well , because only 4 percent of travelers use it. Spokesperson Petra Borsboom explains that this usually concerns people who happen to know the service or who are pointed out to it because they just don’t get a WMO indication.

To be a full-fledged addition to the public transport, the stop-to-stop system will be introduced in April. This should focus more on the pre and post transport of regular public transport. In addition, the bus stop will drive to train stations within a radius of fifteen kilometers when the local bus or ‘regular bus’ is no longer running.

People in a wheelchair or with another disability who do who want and are able to travel independently with regular public transport, can take the bus stop taxi. The regional taxi will also continue to drive from door to door. Although the Arnhem-Nijmegen Regional Advisory Council for Target Group Transport advocated the integration of additional public transport and regional taxi transport , the plan has remained unchanged. The province states that this will optimize both transport systems.

Investing in difficult times in the future “The award for the bus stop is a great milestone,” said Jan van der Meer, public transport deputy. “In this time when transporters, their employees and the government have to do everything they can to keep public transport running, we are investing in the future.” According to Van der Meer, the shared taxi service connects people in Gelderland with public transport and ensures good accessibility of the rural area. “This will provide us with an important flexible link for traveling with the transport system.”

Registrations are assessed on the basis of the development of the bus stop taxi transport concept. In addition, it was possible to score on all kinds of other aspects, always focusing on the needs of the travelers. According to the province, the ease with which the traveler can plan and pay for the trip was paramount. In addition, a short waiting time was an important criterion in the tender.

Willingness, energy and vision The province states that they are confident that they have found a good and professional partner in Qarin who has the willingness, energy and vision to further develop the stop taxi concept into a flexible and coherent public transport system. The contract is worth two million euros per year.

Paul Pietersen from Qarin explains that their vision is to achieve an integrated system where all mobility providers work together, so as to strengthen the customer journey chain. “This assignment fits in seamlessly with this. Qarin is proud to be able to develop HaltetaxiRRReis together with the province. It is an innovative concept that is a nice addition to public transport in the province.” Read also:

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