At the end of a tough year, everyone could use a pick-me-up. That is why The Hague Marketing Bureau has once again made a nice video together with Night Mayor Pat Smith with the hashtag Hou je Haags: to put a heart to all residents of The Hague and residents of The Hague. Because with the space that The Hague offers, there is still plenty to enjoy.


Also from this third video speaks proudly, Pat really lets his Hague heart speak again. You will see all corners of The Hague passing by with beautiful images of the city and its inhabitants.

“In this way we hope to offer everyone who loves The Hague some extra warmth this winter and to feed the city pride from connection,” says Sander Hanenberg, Head of Marketing at The Hague Marketing Bureau. Below you can watch the third video by #HoujeHaags.

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Message also on buildings

The statement ‘Hou je Haags’ has been used for decades, but has become the slogan – partly due to the video series – in corona time. It may well be that you have already seen the statement on the City Hall: you will see Hou je Haags projected on it. You can also see the slogan with street art in various places in the city districts.

Deel #houjehaags

Are you also very proud of our beautiful city, or do you just want to share your New Year’s wish? This can be done very easily via social media with mention of #houjehaags #thisisthehague and @thisisthehague. Keep your Hague everyone!

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