Retail entrepreneurs can count on help from local taxi companies during the lockdown. To encourage residents to shop locally, taxis deliver their orders. In this way, carriers also keep their vehicles on the road now that demand has fallen. A win-win situation.

In the municipality of Dordrecht, among others, entrepreneurs are supported in this way during the lockdown writes RTV Dordrecht. For many retailers it is not possible to set up a delivery service, so they are dependent on click & collect. To make local buying more attractive, a delivery service has been set up by the municipality with Stam’s taxis.

This was deliberately chosen because courier services are busy during the holidays. The opposite is true for many taxi companies that saw their demand for rides decrease due to the lockdown. They get work again and at the same time provide some relief from the workload for the parcel deliverers.

Ease the pain of the lockdown But not only entrepreneurs in Dordrecht are supported. Retail entrepreneurs in Gorcum could also count on help in the run-up to Christmas. For example, taxi company Juijn brought on Wednesday 22, Thursday 22 and Friday 22 December their online orders at the residents’ homes. The municipality of Gorinchem has started this initiative to ease the pain of the lockdown for these entrepreneurs, reports De Stad Gorinchem. Juijn was immediately enthusiastic to participate in this plan, so that it could be implemented immediately. Read also:

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