Looking for a house near the beach that you can move into right away? With all kinds of extras such as nice extras electric screens, luxury plumbing and solar panels? Then you should definitely take a look at this house in the Vogelwijk from the offer of Tettero & Wetters Makelaars.

The house is located at the Tuinfluiterlaan 31 , and is very spacious with five bedrooms. You can get in straight away because it is cared for from head to toe. A luxurious bathroom and modern kitchen with underfloor heating and mechanical ventilation throughout the house.

Solar panels

You will also find many luxury extras here, such as electric screens for and rear, solar panels, roof and floor insulation, extensive cabling and smart light switches. Curious about the photos? Check them out below:

Would you like to see the house in real life? Or do you want more information about the property? Please feel free to contact Tettero and Wetters at

+27 (0)31 356 53545 31 or


The entire team of Tettero & Wetters Makelaars wishes you happy holidays and a beautiful and healthy 53545 .

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