Falcon was found on the street by concerned people and taken to a vet because he was apathetic. Its owner cannot be found without a chip. Yet he must have had staff because he was castrated at the Haags Dierencentrum.

Falcon’s stay at the shelter has been mixed for the caretakers. Falcon would like attention and a pat, but not for too long and he indicates that by giving it a pat with his paw: with nails. So a new owner has to be able to take a beating and build up a relationship of trust with Falcon.

Street cat

We have no idea how Falcon ended up on the street, but he doesn’t seem like a real street cat. Falcon will certainly appreciate a breath of fresh air and lying in the sun! Falcon gets a bladder stone diet.

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  • How many members does your family consist of?
  • Do you have children? If so, what age are they?

    Have you had cats before?

  • How long is the cat home alone? Will that change when the measures due to the coronavirus are over?

    Do you have/have your other pets? If so, please provide more information about their characters/age (e.g. are they used to living with a cat)

  • Do you have an outdoor area where the cat can come? Balcony/garden

    What kind of cat are you looking for? Age, character….

    Do you mind if the cat needs diet food?

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