You’ve just met someone and you want to start dating that cutie, but we’re in lockdown again. Maybe you’re on Tinder right now and soon want to do something other than chat a bit. What can you do with your date if you want to date in corona time? We have tips, both for dates ‘in real life’ and remotely.

Cooking together

Going to a restaurant together is not an option at the moment. Yet you can have a lot of fun together, even if you don’t (yet) want to see each other in real life . Grab your phone or laptop and both have the same ingredients at home, you cook a delicious meal ‘together’. This way you will immediately find out whether your potential future lover can cook a bit and what he/she/she likes. Oh and if you don’t feel like cooking, you can also order food and make it a dinner date from home . If you do want to meet up, then cooking together is of course also a lot of fun.

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Play board games

Do you like board games? That’s nice for a date from home. Meeting together is of course the best, but if you think it’s too early to meet at each other’s home, you can also play many board games play online. You can also go offline/online. Make sure you both have the same board game at home. Place the laptop across the board and place two pawns on each board. Whenever your opponent moves his/her/his pawn, you must do the same with the pawns on your board. it’s a bit different, but believe us: in the end it will be a fun and funny evening!

daten in coronatijd bordspeldaten in coronatijd
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Sporty date in your own home

Do you both like sports? Of course you can go out in the cold and exercise together, that will certainly be an unforgettable date. Is it too cold outside for you? You can also exercise indoors or turn it into an online date. Search for the same workout online and start a video call. Which one of you lasts the longest in the workout?

daten in coronatijddaten in coronatijdPhoto: Pexels

Online escape room

The offline escape rooms are closed at the moment, but there are also fun online escape rooms. Thrills and thrills guaranteed!

daten in coronatijd

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Netflix & Chill

Of course, this one should not be missing from the list. Choose a nice movie together and see where the evening takes you! Also nice if you don’t know each other that well; together

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Take a romantic city walk

The city is now extra beautiful with all the Christmas lights and Christmas trees everywhere. Perfect for a romantic city walk with your sweetheart! Strolling hand in hand along the Lange Voorhout, under the gates of the Binnenhof (while you still can) and flop down in one of the chairs in the Passage. Together with your lover it will be a walk you will never forget!

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