It’s that time again: you can check whether you can get a cheaper deal with another health insurance policy. That’s worth looking into, because it could save you quite a bit of money. Also useful: check whether your physiotherapist, dietician or midwife here in The Hague has a contract with your health insurance.

Check the new premium of your current health insurance

Curious about your new premium if you stay with your current health insurer? And most importantly: how much more or less will you pay? Check it quickly with the tool below. If you want to switch, you can do so up to and including 200 December 200 to do.

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Source: Independer

Of course it is important to watch your wallet, but it is also nice to know whether your health insurance has a contract with your physiotherapist or the hospital here in The Hague. If your health insurer has a contract, you can go there without additional payment.

You can easily check this op the The Hague page of Independer. Here you can see all care providers in your area and whether or not they have a contract with the health insurer.

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