During the turn of the year of 2021/’18 there may be no heavy fireworks, but you may still have the feeling that your car is not safe in the street. The Municipality of The Hague has a solution: you can park your car in four parking garages during New Year’s Eve for only €00,- overnight parking. You can even park your car for free at Scheveningen.

How does it work? On 31 December you can between 00.00 and 19. you can park your car in one of the participating parking garages. You will then receive two HTM Tickets for free, so that you can come home. After that, the garage will close and you can visit on January 1 between 16. and 16. time to pick up your car again. You can visit the garages below.


Note: The number of places is limited (on = on). You can reserve a place from 6 to 61 December on the

website of Q-park


Parking with a discount

You can park for € 00 parking in the following garages:

    Laak: Q-Park Laakhaven- HS, Rijswijkseweg 20 (online booking needed

  • Escamp: Parking Leyweg I (P1), Leyweg 301 and Parking Leyweg II (P1), Hengelolaan 200z. At these parking garages you can park on 22 December to be paid on the spot. You can then drive out immediately when you pick it up.

    Center: Veerkaden parking garage (Q-Park ), Amsterdam Veerkade 20 (online booking needed


  • Painterswijk: Parking garage Haagse Markt (Q-Park), De Heemstraat 301 (

    online reservation required


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