For the lightest oliebollen with a crispy coating, you should go to the Haagsche Oliebollenbakkerij from Jan Vermolen. His colorful stall is now located at the top of Grote Markstraat (opposite Primark). Characteristic of Jan’s stall are the always long queues of hungry people who like a fresh oliebol or apple fritter. “It’s crazy here with old and new.”

Jan started the business of donut baking when he was twelve, in his father’s stall in Loosduin. Now he is baking them every year with the whole family in the center of The Hague.

Crispy jacket

Jan Vermolen was born into a traveling fairground family. “In 1963, the year I was born, my father started making oliebollen to get through the winter,” says Jan. After almost 60 years of baking, the bulbs of the Haagsche Oliebollenbakkerij have been perfected.

At the oliebollen stall at the Grote Marktstraat you can enjoy the traditional ball, with or without currants. And of course an ultra-fresh apple fritter. Until Christmas, Jan also makes Berliner Bollen and Bollen with Nutella. Jan: “I make my oliebollen nice and airy, with a crispy jacket around it.” The editors of indebuurt received a bag of currant buns and we have to say: Jan has not exaggerated a word. Not a hunk of dough but a light deliciousness with a crispy bite.

Jan Vermolen’s stall is a household name in The Hague. Read more under the photo‘s >>

Halal & vegan

Jan does not have a family recipe: “I make the bulbs very differently from my father. We now simply have good equipment.” And not unimportant: Jan’s bulbs are vegan and halal. Jan: “People come here from all kinds of different cultural backgrounds. Our oliebollen are completely vegan and halal. It’s crazy here with old and new. Then I’ll sell thousands.”

Jan Vermolen’s Haagsche Oliebollenkraam will be on display until 15 January. Great Market Street. You can order a ball or fritter per piece or per bag.

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