Following the most recent corona measures and the advice on healthcare transport from the RIVM , KNV Healthcare Transport and Taxi have developed the healthcare transport protocols together with the trade unions. re-examined. This has led to some adjustments. The most important of these is the re-introduction of the maximum occupancy rate of two thirds (2/3) of the vehicle’s capacity in the care transport protocol.

The introduction of the maximum capacity of 2/3 was previously included in the protocols (June 2021). The provision about 2/3 occupancy does not apply to situations in which passengers come from the same residential setting (for example, a family or a living group).

Student transport sector protocol

The most important adjustment in the student transport protocol is that 4- year-olds with cold complaints can join if they have taken a self-test with a negative result. This follows the test policy as it has been in effect since December 3. The maximum capacity has not been reduced in the sector protocol for student transport.

Effective date 1 January

The amended protocols will take effect no later than January 1st 2022 (or as sooner as is possible in the implementation). A reconsideration moment will follow in mid-January. The protocols can be found



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