The staff shortage in the taxi industry has become a major problem because of corona. Secondment and trainer of taxi drivers Taxiwerq has been feeling the impact of the pandemic since March 2020. Yet in many ways 2020 does not resemble 20, commercial director Rutger Smale writes in an end-of-year blog. Where 2020 was a year where we spent a lot had to invent and set up in a short time, was 2020 a year in which relative peace arose. As crazy as it may sound, we got used to the new situation and were given time to prepare for the future. A future about which we as a team Taxiwerq have never personally worried.

What made it complex was that government regulations are uniform, but we as a specialized payroll organization do not have uniform customers. In turn, each carrier had its different issues – at different times. Nevertheless, we have managed to guide Taxiwerq, especially with the understanding of our relationships and the commitment of our drivers, through this turbulent time. Make and keep the industry attractive The corona crisis also made sure that we were able to free up the agenda in 2020 to be able to organize things just a little better, without our solid foundation has crumbled. But we also face enormous challenges as a sector. For years there was a visible trend that transport had to become cheaper with the result that hardly any investment was made in people.

Let’s prevent, now that everything is slowly picking up again, with a relapse here and there, that the current group of employees no longer sees any point in this wonderful profession. We all have to make sure that the industry is and will continue to be attractive for newcomers and existing employees as much as possible. Keep looking for the right people As Taxiwerq we are constantly looking for or training the right people. Also in 2020 this had our maximum attention and in 2021 we will continue to bet on this. On behalf of Taxiwerq I would like to thank everyone for the trust in us as an organization and I wish everyone happy holidays and good luck in the coming year. Read also: Importance of WMO driver highlighted in podcast region Gooi en Vechtstreek Driving behavior determines taxi insurance premium: what about privacy? ‘ Failure to comply with Taxi collective agreement and intimidation drivers must stop’

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