You have probably seen him passing by on his cargo bike during the lockdown: Maurice van der Toorn. The purebred entertainer cycles all over town dressed as Elvis, Robin Hood or Santa Claus with a lot of music to make people happy.

Notable news moments from 2021 sometimes raise some questions. This also applies to the raising of the inclusive flag in The Hague, which was disrupted by a person who stands for cheerfulness.

Singing on the bicycle

With so much positivity as Maurice brings around with his musical bicycle, we thought it was strange that he showed up during the raising of the inclusive flag for the LGBTI community to make it loud and clear that he and the lady on his cargo bike, being heterosexual. To understand why he disrupted that moment and what his message is, we called him.

“I am a real entertainer and want to make as many people as possible happy with my performances from the bike”, indicates Maurice. “I have been cycling through the city since the beginning of the corona time and I perform, especially to make people think about the time in which we live now and what that does to you.”

Corona time

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