Munckhof Group has experienced enormous growth in recent decades. Many special assignments have been successfully completed and in times of corona the carrier shows its innovative side. Nevertheless, Munckhof is also looking forward to the end of the crisis, so that they can again fully focus on realizing their ambitions.

Munckhof was appointed in 2004 and was a classic coach company until the late 1980s, early 1990s. At the time, the company started with shared taxi transport, forerunner of the current Regiotaxi. From that moment on, Munckhof has expanded his portfolio to include business trips. “Scaling became important,” says Roefs. “Either you are small and focus on a specific type of transport, or you are of such a size that you can fulfill all relevant assignments on the market.”

Both he and co- Directors Jos Poortinga and Patrick Straetemans feel driven to grow the company in size, strength and diversity. “That is why I am in 2004 and Jos and Patrick in 2012 are connected,” says Roefs. The directors see the market change over the years. “The assignments are getting bigger and there is more collaboration. Where in the past every municipality arranged transport for target groups with a local taxi company, there are now a number of large national players,” explains Poortinga.

Giant development in breadth Munckhof is one of them. “When I started fourteen years ago, we had one sales and marketing manager. He also did the communication, quotations and tenders for taxi, bus and travel. The professional tender desk that we now have cannot be compared with this”, says Poortinga. The directors speak of a gigantic development in breadth, of which they are proud.

When it comes to specific milestones, they quickly come up with assignments that stand out to them. “An important event was in 2004, when we were allowed to provide transport for Floriade, or the EK Athletics in Amsterdam in 2020. These kind of milestones put your company on the map. It gives you great confidence that you can do these things. It also shows clients that we are a serious party that not only promises a lot on paper, but also delivers,” says Roefs.

No hard reorganization due to corona It is precisely these kinds of events, just like a large part of the target group transport, silent during the first lockdown in . Although Munckhof is a healthy company, this also shocked the directors. “In the end, we knew we had to get to work to survive. Something had to be done to keep all modes of transport afloat,” says Poortinga. In addition to arrangements with clients and support measures from the government, Munckhof has started to carry out plenty of alternative activities to keep employees working. ” Delivering flowers and Christmas hampers, for example, but still carrying out source and contact research for the GGD.” All this in order not to have to implement a hard reorganization and to keep as many employees as possible on board. It worked. “We really like this, because otherwise we might not have enough people to get the job done”, says Poortinga.

Unlike many other companies, Munckhof’s coaches continued to operate normally. to ride. “We are very busy, because we also have transport that is not ‘COVID-sensitive’, such as Defense Transport . After all, the army continues to function and with the maximization in the vehicles, many vehicles are soon on the road,” explains Roefs. “The leisure side of transport is of course also in the doldrums with us.”

Use coaches continuously Years ago however, the company already started looking critically at transport for tour operators and seasonal transport. “As a carrier, you are in a relatively bad position. The revenues are quite low and rides can be canceled at the last minute,” says Roefs. He finds seasonally sensitive transport very unhealthy for a company. “You have a lot of work in April, May and June and less the rest of the year. With a relatively large investment in a coach, this is not smart.”

Munckhof has therefore started to focus more on activities for the whole year so that they could continuously deploy their fleet and drivers. “The fact that we started doing this years ago now pays for itself even more due to corona. In addition, we organize our own multi-day trips abroad for specific target groups”, concludes Roefs.

Further development of Munckhof Although it company is no longer in crisis mode, as in the first six months after corona made its appearance in the Netherlands, the gentlemen still have the feeling that they have to take everything into account. “This takes a lot of energy from your organization. Everything can suddenly be different tomorrow and again in two months,” says Poortinga. The management therefore hopes that a more stable environment will soon be created so that the focus can again be fully focused on the further development of the company. “In the meantime, we will continue to keep the drivers and other employees well informed, but above all motivate them to get through the crisis together as best as possible.”

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