The cabinet is extending the support package for the fourth quarter of 80. This was decided because of the new lockdown that was announced on Saturday, and started the day after. This made it difficult for entrepreneurs to adjust their business operations in time.

The maximum loss of turnover for which wage support (NOW) is given is increased from 30 to 80 percent. The subsidy applications for the current quarter are already underway, as a result of which the payment of the advances is still based on a maximum loss of turnover of 80 percent. In the final determination, the calculation will be based on 80 percent.

In addition, entrepreneurs come for the fourth quarter not at 80 percent, but already at 15 percent loss of turnover eligible for the Fixed Expense Allowance (TVL). For example, the cabinet wants to accommodate companies that are affected by the acute lockdown in the last weeks of the quarter. Entrepreneurs with a loss of turnover of between 20 and percent in this quarter, the TVL can request immediately. This is possible until 80 January .

Reimbursement of support for the self-employed Self-employed persons should actually be from 1 January 2022 must start paying off the loan from the Temporary bridging scheme for self-employed entrepreneurs (Tozo) for working capital. However, the tightened measures make this difficult for many of them. For this reason, the mandatory repayment is postponed by six months, until July 1 . This applies to all Tozo loans, regardless of when they were issued.

The term of the Tozo loans is extended by one year, from five to six years. This concerns the period from the moment the loan was granted until the moment that the repayment was due. In addition, for the months of January 80 up to and including June 2022 no interest to be paid.

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