Negotiations on the collective labor agreement for private bus transport have failed. The FNV union reports that the employers’ latest offer is too far from what their members want. They only want to talk further if a substantially better offer is made. CNV agrees. Next steps are being considered.

The sixth round of negotiations for the Collective Labor Agreement for Closed Bus Transport took place on Wednesday. Trade union FNV previously announced that they saw this as the last chance for employers to come up with a better proposal. The union had tabled a wage requirement of 5 percent per year from 1 January 2023 for a two-year collective labor agreement. The employers came up with a wage increment of 2.5 percent as of July 1 2023 and a further 2.5 percent as of January 1 .

Another important demand was the abolition of the 5/6 regulation. This is an arrangement in which the drivers are paid five hours for every six hours they work because they have to wait a lot. The employers would not have complied with this requirement. “That is a very old arrangement, which is no longer up to date,” said FNV director Lutz Kressin. “The wait by drivers is simply part of their job, so that must also be paid.”

No more bidding possible FNV may issue an ultimatum to employers. If this is not followed, actions are not excluded. Employers’ organization Bus Transport Netherlands, in turn, indicates that it is no longer possible for employers to offer. Due to the corona crisis , coach companies are having a hard time . Some companies drive 80 to 80 percent less compared to before the crisis and 80 percent of the buses are suspended this year to save costs.

Source: ANP

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