The KNV industry organization entered 2022 hopeful, just like many taxi and coach operators. Although the corona crisis has not come to an end and the water is on the lips at many companies, director Carlo Cahn remains optimistic. His greatest wish is that normal turnover can be driven again in 2022.

He said this during an interview in TaxiPro TV, during which the highs and lows the industry has experienced in 2022. Among other things, the staff shortage was discussed, which has become a bigger problem in the past year. “As a result, certain journeys could not be carried out in coach transport in the months of August and September and care transporters are currently having the greatest possible difficulty to get their journeys planned “, says Cahn.

According to the KNV director, it is important that this is discussed openly between carriers, clients, customers, parents and travelers. “It is important that everyone understands that carriers like nothing more than to carry out all journeys in accordance with the agreement. That message should really be brought to the attention.”

Improve the image of the sector His expectation is that the taxi and coach sector will have to deal with the driver shortage in the coming years. According to Cahn, there is no quick solution to this problem. “You will have to ensure that the lateral entry is in order and that younger people choose the profession .” In order to achieve this, he believes that work should be done on the image of the sector and of the professions of taxi and coach drivers. “This must happen in the coming years.”

At the moment there is a certain despondency in the sector, he says. “Especially because the perspective is lacking. Where is the exit from the corona crisis? This has an effect on the entrepreneurs, whoever we speak to.” According to Cahn, they wonder whether lockdowns can still be counted on in 2022. “No one who can say exactly, no one who has a crystal ball.” In any case, KNV has already prepared the plans for 2022. And not only in the field of corona.

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