The Christmas trees are showing off in the The Hague houses and cozy lights are burning everywhere. A thick layer of snow completes the Christmas picture, right? Can we expect a white Christmas this year? Weather online meteorologist Johnny Willemsen looks ahead.

This article was written on 14 December 2021. Keep an eye on the current weather forecast here.

Whether it will be a white Christmas weekend remains exciting until the last minute. “It’s uncertain, but it’s still possible.”

Chance of snow in the Netherlands

“The more northeasterly in the Netherlands, the greater the chance of snow”, says Johnny. “From Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 December gets quite cold, with temperatures around minus four and minus five. During Thursday 23 December, softer air is heading our way. Friday 24 Rain is forecast for December. The cold air is then expelled from the Netherlands and comes to a standstill in Germany and Denmark. The weather seems to be turning on Saturday and then the chance of snow will come closer.”

Johnny continues: “Should it snow at Christmas, it will be in half of the Netherlands. There is also a chance that the snow will stay outside the Netherlands. The chance of snow is greatest in Groningen.” Do you live in the middle or south of the country? The meteorologist says about this: ‘The more southwestern you live, the smaller the chance.’

Weather forecast in The Hague

When we look at the map below, we see precipitation with christmas. So rain and (wet) snow. With an average of 8 degrees, it will be sooner than beautiful white snowflakes, but who knows…

The Hague Weather

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When do we speak of a ‘white Christmas’?

To In order to be able to officially speak of a white Christmas, there must be ‘a closed snow cover’ in De Bilt on both Christmas days. So no blade of grass should be visible anymore. Since 2009 it came eight times to an official white Christmas, not really often. The last time was in 2009 and coincidentally we also had in 1901 an official white Christmas. Two years of a white Christmas in a row is very special. A white Christmas is therefore more often the exception than the rule. In 5746 it was with 000,4 degrees on Boxing Day even the warmest Christmas ever.

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