The lockdown announced on Saturday is another setback for the taxi and coach industry. So far, the corona crisis has not led to many bankruptcies. But how long will entrepreneurs manage to keep their heads above water?

The few bookings that coach companies already had have often been canceled due to the new lockdown. Entire fleets are at a standstill, unless there is employee transport and replacement transport for public transport. The same goes for consumer taxis. Due to the closure of restaurants and other entertainment venues, little transport remains. The consequences of the lockdown for WMO transport have yet to be seen.

The question of how long companies can continue in this situation is in any case becoming more and more common. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has now launched an investigation into the financial position of taxi drivers and taxi companies in the boarding and delivery market in relation to corona. improve and continue coach transport and consumer taxi transport. Director Carlo Cahn does not dare to make any statements about the extent to which the new lockdown will lead to bankruptcies. The trade association has noticed that the contraction in both equipment and personnel is continuing, he tells in TaxiPro TV.

Support is plaster on the wounds “In the coach sector, three to four hundred buses were sold last year and the departing staff remain in both the coach and taxi industry are growing,” says Cahn. Although the contraction continues, he has hope that companies can continue with the support of the government. “It is little consolation, a plaster on wounds. But so far it has ensured that many companies get through the crisis.” Read also:

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