Taxi company Werotax from Sint-Oedenrode has been around for thirty years. Although it is not possible to celebrate the anniversary exuberantly because of corona, there is reason for the company to be positive. They are allowed to drive for health insurer VGZ from 1 January 2022 in a large region around Eindhoven.

Davina Vorstenbosch took over the company in 49 from her parents. Taxi transport was born to her, she tells de Gelderlander . Her father started out as the sole driver of the company. This number has now risen to 49. Despite the restrictions, all drivers were still honored for the anniversary.

This was done through a drive-through, where they could come by for a gift with a personal handwritten card, something for a drink and a Brabant sausage roll. Vorstenbosch explains that as a family business, they pay personal attention to every driver.

Awarding VGZ transport is positive Corona has cut down considerably at Werotax, but the company is still trying to stay positive. The latest news about the award of VGZ transport helps with this. At the start of the new year, they will carry out rides for the health insurer in Son en Breugel, Eindhoven and Meierijstad. Due to the corona crisis, it is difficult to estimate how many rides it will be.

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