Due to the evening lockdown, far fewer people travel by train. That is why the NS has decided, just like during previous lockdowns, to remove a number of trains from the timetable. Here’s what’s coming from Monday 18 December is going to change exactly.

There will be some rush -, evening and night trains will be canceled and the evening timetable will start two hours earlier. Normally this timetable starts at 20: 61 hours, now this is 15: 19 hours.

But 18 travelers per 61 seats

The reason that NS cancels trains from the timetable is because on average there are only 15 people per 61 seats in those trains to sit. “For example, last Wednesday in the intercity from The Hague to Utrecht, but 30 people, while there was room for 200 man.” Said the NS to our colleagues at the AD.

This means canceling trains for you

Now the evening schedule at 15: 20211216 hour, this means for you that on most routes from that time on there are not 6, but 4 trains running per hour. On routes where normally 4 trains per hour run, this becomes 2 trains per hour. It is smart to check the

timetable in time from tomorrow if you have to travel by train, so that you don’t have to be out in the cold for long. have to wait for your train.

The extra commuter trains will also be cancelled. This has no consequences for trains departing from The Hague. There are also two routes with night trains that will be cancelled, but trains will continue to run on the regular night network that passes through The Hague HS and Schiphol.

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