The end of is in sight. The big question is of course: have you already looked at your health insurance? It is important to check this in time, so that you can find out which health insurers in The Hague reimburse your care. Independer helps you with that.

With the care finder you immediately get a handy overview of all physiotherapists, general practitioners, hospitals or dentists in the area. Enter your zip code or city name to see which treatments are offered and who works there. You can also view reviews and find out what your health insurance reimburses. Swipe for the other care seekers


General practitioners

Time to get started! Use the care finder below to find the best general practitioner near The Hague.


This care finder helps you to compare hospitals and clinics in and around The Hague.


Enter your zip code or city in the care finder below and compare all dentists in The Hague and surroundings.


Independer has also collected physiotherapy practices in and around The Hague. You will find the best physio via the care finder.

More healthcare providers

Are you looking for a midwife, speech therapist, pharmacy or mental health institution? In the care finder below you will find many more care providers in and around The Hague.


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