No more physical lessons at school, lunch in restaurants in The Hague or Christmas dinner with the whole family; these are a few of the measures taken during the press conference on Saturday 14 were announced in December. What does that mean for The Hague? We’ll catch up.

At the Gamma in Loosduinen, all Christmas trees were given away for free this afternoon and it was very busy in the city. People flocked to buy presents for the holidays today. Entrepreneurs in The Hague were preparing for the hard lockdown today.

Gyms miss peak time

Mazarine Henninger owns The Sweatbox, a gym for women. She was busy making a schedule with outdoor sports lessons and sports lessons via Zoom today. “It sucks, because January is the peak time for gyms. Especially in coronat time it is so important to keep working out and take good care of your body. Yet we remain positive, we’ll make the best of it again.”

One more time in lockdown

“We must intervene now to prevent worse. Summarized in one sentence: the Netherlands will be in lockdown again, locked again,” said outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte. This is done through a new package of measures. With this, the outgoing cabinet wants to slow down the number of omikron infections. According to experts, this variant spreads two to three times faster than the delta variant.

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Measurements and advice

The following measures will take effect on Sunday December at 5 .12 AM and apply up to and including 17 January.

    All schools must close immediately. If you study at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, you may receive online lessons or you may have early Christmas holidays. Other educational institutions must also close.

    Emergency care remains possible for children of parents from crucial professions and for vulnerable children. Childcare locations, for children from 0 to 4 years old, remain open.

    All Restaurants in The Hague must close immediately. You can pick up a meal.

    Non-essential shops in The Hague will also close. Don’t have all the Christmas gifts at home yet? Then you can make an appointment to pick up an item. Essential shops such as supermarkets will remain open.

    A night at Amare

is not in it for the time being. Other places where cultural performances are held must also be closed.

Amusement parks and zoos are temporarily closed.

All gyms in The Hague must close their doors.

Outdoor sports locations will remain open from 5: until 17: o’clock. This means that you can go skating for an afternoon at

de Uithof or somewhere otherwise you can exercise outside.

All non-medical contact professions, such as hairdressers and beauticians , are closed.

A visit to a museum is not possible during the stricter lockdown possible.

You can only receive two people at home. A maximum of four people are allowed to visit on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Are you going outside? Then a maximum group size of four people applies, unless your household is larger.

Most measures apply in any case up to and including 17 January. The caretaker cabinet will decide on January 3 whether schools can open earlier. You can read more about the measures on the website of the

Central Government .

How do you celebrate the holidays?

Have your plans (again!) for Christmas and New Years changed due to the corona measures? Or have you already prepared with a coronaproof Christmas plan? Share your idea with us at


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