Of all the dogs that stay in the shelter of the Haags Dierencentrum, we grant Nikita the most a home of her own. She is the longest-serving dog. It’s about time we found the perfect home for her!!

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Nikita was handed over because she growled at the 5-year-old child in her previous house. At the Hague Animal Center they got to know Nikita as a very scared dog. She has a hard time trusting anyone. Once you have gained her trust she can no longer be turned away from you and she just wants to cuddle.

Refugee family

Nikita was allowed to stay for a while with a very sweet foster family. Unfortunately, she couldn’t stay there any longer because she didn’t trust one of the male family members. She remained very afraid of that and growled at him too. She has always found this gentleman exciting, but we had hoped that if she got to know him better, this fear would go away. But despite all the patience and love, this unfortunately turned out not to be the case.

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Photo: The Hague Zoo

We are therefore looking for people with a lot of patience for Nikita. People who want to visit her more often to build a bond with her. If it appears during these encounters that she remains afraid of 1 or more people, the placement can unfortunately not take place. Experience has shown that this fear will remain. We are also looking for a home where no other pets live. Nikita cannot live with this.

Christmas wish

We realize all too well Good thing we’re looking for a needle in a haystack. Our greatest wish is that we find the perfect house for Nikita! Are you interested in Nikita or do you want to know more about her? Please contact the Hague Animal Center as soon as possible.

Ps.: Nikita gets special food and medicines for skin complaints.

If you Nikita thinks she can offer the home she needs to have a good dog’s life, please send an email with your details such as: family composition, if necessary. experience with dogs, approximately how long the dog has to be home alone and don’t forget to mention your phone number. The email can be sent to:


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