The crossing at the Place always reminds us a bit of crossing the Grote Marktstraat. Crossing at the risk of your own life. But at the Place there is an extra factor of danger: the trams. Who actually has right of way at the intersection of Kneuterdijk, Lange Vijverberg and Buitenhof? We figured it out.

The Place entered 2021 on the shovel. In this construction project, the square was made a lot bigger and connected to the Hofvijver. The idea behind this project was to connect the Lange Vijverberg/Hofvijver, Place, Kneuterdijk and the Buitenhof. This project is now complete and the square at the Hofvijver is looking good, but no one knows exactly who has right of way at the intersection.

This is the case with the right of way rules

At the intersection at the Place, everyone is a guest for the pedestrian. This means that the pedestrian always has right of way. But does the pedestrian also have priority for the trams?

In general traffic rules, a tram always has priority, even over pedestrians. A tram only has to stop for traffic lights, shark teeth and a zebra crossing. If you cross via a zebra crossing or plan to cross via a zebra crossing, a tram must stop for you.

The situation at the Place is unclear

There is no zebra crossing at the crossing from the Hofvijver to the Place. What about then? The tram is a guest in a pedestrian or shopping area, but during

further investigation

we discovered that zebra crossings would have to be installed.

There is no zebra crossing at the crossing, which makes the traffic situation at the Place very unclear. The pedestrian does officially have right of way here. All other traffic, including the tram, is a guest here. However, we do understand that pedestrians do not dare to cross this street when a tram is approaching.

Sources: Knowledge Platform CROW, ANWB, The Hague Central

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