Poor Lean and Veroniek were dumped together with a group of other rabbits in a nature reserve. Unfortunately, domestic rabbits cannot survive in the wild. Fortunately, the baby bunnies were found and taken to the rodent shelter. Now they are looking for a new home.

We don’t know the exact age of the two fluffs, but they are about half a year old. Chances are the two bunnies are related. They are probably brother and sister. They think being petted is still exciting.

The baby bunnies can still learn a lot

Lean is a bit tougher and late petting, but Veroniek quickly runs away and finds this really scary. The bunnies will come to you for a treat if you give it to them quietly. Fortunately, the bunnies are still young and they can learn a lot and get used to the attention.

This way you can adopt Lean and Veroniek

The best part is watching the two play, they make the craziest jumps and can run really fast. This results in many funny scenes. Would you like to meet Lean and Veroniek? Send an email to . Also send a photo of the accommodation that you want to give to the two fluffs in your message.

Het Knaaghof

House at Landelaan 2, 02696 SG Rijswijk

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