Today goes the new avioduct, a flyover for aircraft, over the A4 in use at Schiphol. This avioduct is part of the project dat the last single lane at Schiphol, lane Quebec, doubles. On and around the terminal complex there is a structure of double carriageways for taxiing aircraft, except for Quebec carriageway. Doubling of this lane enlarged safety at Schiphol and improves the infrastructure for airlines and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands.

New avioduct over A4 for taxiing aircraft at Schiphol in use

New avioduct over A4 for taxiing aircraft at Schiphol in use

Building a second avioduct over one of the busiest highways in the Netherlands was a complex organisation. The new avioduct is 79 at 72 meters and has a total area of ​​15.000 square meter . In order to be able to bear the weight of future types of aircraft, 900 foundation piles were needed. The new viaduct crosses the A4 motorway, Schipholtunnels and Abdijtunnel. The construction and opening of the new avioduct was completed on schedule and within budget.

With doubling lane
Quebec we kill two birds with one stone: the situation is becoming clearer for Air Traffic Control the Netherlands, which controls taxiing aircraft and aircraft no longer have to be on top of each other to wait. In this way we increase the safety of Schiphol and at the same time improve our services at the airport. The completion of the new avioduct is a great milestone in the doubling of the Quebec carriageway. 1119108
1119108 Hanne Buis, Chief Projects & Assets Officer at Royal Schiphol Group


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