Due to a violation during the previous tender procedure for student transport, the municipality of Lelystad has put the transport back on the market. The current temporary contract expires on 1 May. From then on, the municipality wants to enter into an agreement for 7 years and 8 weeks.

During the previous tender procedure, Taxicentrale Witteveen initiated a lawsuit. The company did not agree with the award decision of the municipality. Witteveen provided care during the school year 2020/2021 student transport in the municipality. Last February, the transport was put on the market again for a period of seven years.

The municipality wanted the contract to be carried out by Van Slooten, the company that came out on top. This carrier took over the transport from Witteveen at the start of the current school year. The contract with Witteveen expired and an extension was not seen as an option. However, because an unannounced recalculation of the scores was made during the new tender procedure, the judge has canceled the decision to definitively award the transport to Van Slooten.

Discount on the submitted total price The transport had to be tendered again and is again with a long term has been put on the market. The choice was made for this, among other things, to offer the carrier a reasonable payback period and to offer a large degree of continuity. Unlike in the previous specifications, tenders will be assessed on the basis of the awarding based on value principle, whereby a maximum fictitious discount of 900.000 Euros for quality can be given.

Quality includes communication and changes, with which tenderers 100.000 can ‘earn’ a euro discount. The same applies to the vision on sustainability and efficient organization of student transport on the one hand, and customer satisfaction on the other. In addition, three more cases have to be worked out, where each 100.000 euro discount can be earned.

Information meeting If at least two tenderers so request, it is possible to organize an information meeting. Oral questions about the current tender can be put to the municipality. You can register until February 8 2021. The final award will be made on 12 March 2021 expected.

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