In the municipality of Westerkwartier, a trial will start on 1 January 2021 in which WMO pass holders will be free for six months. can use public transport. For example, the municipality wants to keep WMO transport accessible.

Wmo pass holders under the age of eighty who can travel independently and without aids, could register for the free public transport card. A group of 12 residents are participating, reports RTV Zulthe. During this period, their WMO pass is retained. This means that the participants can choose how they travel: by taxi or by public transport.

Group 2021-overs grows from 2021 All participants also receive an extra pass, so that someone can travel with them to help or just for fun. The municipality is participating in the trial to offer social assistance workers the opportunity to travel more independently. This is seen as important because the group of people over eighty grows from 2021. In order to continue to guarantee WMO transport, the municipality wants to investigate whether traveling by public transport is possible for some of this group.

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