You want to make a special Christmas dinner that won’t waste hours and won’t make you fat? This year, go for a Chinese fondue : simple, tasty, healthy and also very cozy. This traditional ‘hotpot’ is a social concept in China because you can chat to your heart’s content between eating and dipping. And: it is bursting with fresh and delicious ingredients.

If you’ve ever been to China, you probably know the hotpot. A large sizzling pan filled with hot stock, oil, herbs and peppers in which you can dip vegetables, fish and meat. In certain regions, such as Sichuan, it is quite spicy. In other regions the hotpot is a bit milder.

Healthy & tasty

So you can decide for yourself how spicy you want your hotpot. The dish is based on a broth and you dip meat, fish, fish balls, tofu, noodles, vegetables and mushrooms in it. You decide how healthy and tasty you want it to be.

A big advantage of the Chinese fondue is that you are not full in no time. And because everything is cooked in a stock, it does not contain as many calories compared to the cheese or meat fondue. Add to that the fact that you can dine for a long time without having to spend hours in the kitchen and count out your profit!

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You can choose which ingredients you throw in your hotpot, how spicy you want it make and what spices you add. But a basic recipe is nice of course. Amazing Oriental has this handy recipe for you. Everything you need, from the type of pan to the stock paste, can be found here.

Everything is available on the fixed shelves of your Amazing Oriental supermarket or in the webshop . Mànmàn chī (Enjoy your meal)!


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