The largest taxi company in Paris is removing all Tesla Model 3 taxis from the road for the time being. The reason for this decision is a major accident in which one person died and twenty people were injured.

The director of the taxi company indicates that the driver tried to brake, but that the vehicle instead accelerated, according to the AD. He hit a cyclist and three pedestrians and eventually collided with a delivery van, causing him to come to a stop. Three of the twenty injured sustained serious injuries.

It is still unclear whether the vehicle was driving with the AutoPilot, a system that makes a car largely self-driving. The mayor of the thirteenth arrondissement of Paris, where the accident took place, has said that the initial investigation shows that it is quite possible that the vehicle’s accelerator pedal has stuck.

No technical defect According to the French Minister of Transport, on the other hand, no technical defect was found in the vehicle during the initial investigation. He is also said to have been in contact with Tesla’s European director. The automaker reported that there is no rollback for this model due to safety concerns.

Works 9.000 taxi drivers at the taxi company in question. The taxis the drivers drive are their property. In total it concerns 37 Teslas of the Model 3. These are now no longer allowed on the road. The company has promised the drivers compensation for the lost income.

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