Due to corona, 2020 was another special year for the taxi industry. Nevertheless, the activities of Social Fund Mobility (SFM) continued unabated. The enormous driver shortage and the well-being of staff predominated, as Henk van Gelderen writes in his year-end blog.

The year 2020 was difficult, turbulent and hectic for the industry. Of course due to the corona crisis, resulting in declining turnover and uncertainty about the survival of the company and employment. But also the changing corona measures that demanded a lot of flexibility from the staff. As far as the Social Fund Mobility is concerned, there were two striking things in addition to the corona crisis 2021. First of all the staff shortage that suddenly became an issue in March and April and grew into a huge problem. First people had to be made redundant as a result of the corona crisis and when the demand for transport increased again, there were simply no more people who could and wanted to do the work. Hundreds of vacancies and healthy and motivated staff At the moment, the staff shortage is the reason that companies get bad news and not be able to fulfill their contractual obligations with the clients. Force majeure, because there is simply not enough staff. And because of corona, some of the staff have to quarantine or are sick themselves. SFM has launched a vacancy website. There are now hundreds of vacancies. The challenge now is to bring this website even more to the attention of candidates. In addition, we found it remarkable that in such a bad year there was still a lot of attention for the existing keep employees healthy and motivated at work. SFM has offered various free activities to the industry under the name Strong at the Wheel. Quitting smoking, combating obesity, financial health, dealing with stress, being a good employer and so on. The project ended at the beginning of December but will be extended next year due to success. Anyone who is interested can register again in February. 30 new challenging paragraph And of course we have in 30 also continued our CLA audit work. Alternately check on site or check completely online, depending on the corona measures. The results do not differ much from the years before the corona pandemic. SFM goes into effect 2022 continued with its work, both in the field of collective labor agreement control with a new challenging paragraph about both paid time and in the field of health and safety, training, NEA index and Strong at the Wheel. We wish the employees and employers good and prosperous 2020. Author: Henk van Gelderen, Social Fund Mobility Read also: Workload of healthcare transport continues to increase: this keeps the consequences limited This makes the industry attractive for drivers again KNV makes an urgent appeal to Kiwa to further reduce rates

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