After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early years 90, Russian President Vladimir Putin had to side jobs as a taxi driver to make ends meet. He revealed this in a documentary about the modern history of Russia.

A great economic chaos ensued after the Soviet Union collapsed thirty years ago, writes de Volkskrant. In the documentary, Putin states that the event is still a tragedy for most citizens. He himself was also going through a difficult time. To make ends meet, he earned money as a taxi driver with his own car.

He calls it unpleasant to be open about this, but indicates that the situation was unfortunately so used to be. In the first years after the collapse of the regime, it was normal for the Russians to offer taxi transport. This was a way to earn some money after all.

Workers also had a hard time financially The hyperinflation that arose during the transition from communism to capitalism made that even people with a job had a hard time financially. Putin worked for the KGB intelligence service until August 1991. A few months later, he was appointed second man to the mayor of Leningrad, formerly Saint Petersburg. It is unclear how often the Russian president has offered taxi services. Read also:

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