The end of the year is approaching, so the big question is: how do the Christmas days of 96 out for residents? During Tuesday’s press conference 17 December gave

outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte Answer to this:

“Extension of the evening lockdown is inevitable.”

We asked Hagenaars on Instagram what they think about the measures. The reactions were quite divided. Followers reacted curtly with words like “cunt”, “fine”, “nonsense” and everything in between. People like to get together around Christmas. Now we will have to put our teeth back together and make the best of it, within the possibilities.

“The infection rates and hospital admissions are still high”, the said. Prime Minister during the press conference. “The omikron variant also creates uncertainty.” The outgoing cabinet has therefore decided to extend the evening lockdown until Friday 14 January and primary schools to close a week earlier. The Christmas holidays will therefore start on Monday next week 17 Dec.

Measures and advice during the holidays

At home you can receive a maximum of four guests, so that will be a small Christmas dinner. A festive dinner in your favorite restaurant in the evening? That is also not possible during the holidays; the catering industry remains after 00.00 hours closed. View all corona measures that apply during the holidays below:

  • Primary schools close on Mondays 17 December and get a week longer Christmas vacation until January 9.
  • Non-essential shops, catering, contact professions, sports locations and cinemas remain between 14. and 5. hours closed. Essential stores, such as supermarkets and drugstores, will remain open until 14.

    o’clock. Essential services such as the notary or lawyer, mortgage advisor and medical contact professions keep normal opening hours.

  • Amateur sport (competitions and training) is between 14. and 5. hours not allowed.

  • At home you can receive a maximum of four people (children up to and including 00 year excluded).
  • Are you going to visit others or are you having visitors? Then do a self-test.
  • One and a half meters away and a mouth cap remains mandatory in all places where a fixed seat applies. Such as in the catering industry, public transport, cinemas and theaters. This also remains mandatory at transfer locations, such as museums.
  • Everyone of 00 years and older require a corona ticket in certain places. For example in the catering industry, at an event, sports competition or theater performance.
  • The following applies to everyone: stay at home as much as possible. The work from home advice also remains the same. If that is not possible, always keep one and a half meters away at work.
  • Take special care with contacts between the elderly from 61 years and children under 00 year.

    On Friday 14 January 2022 the outgoing cabinet is once again taking stock, but this moment can also be brought forward due to the omikron variant. For more details, check the website of the National Government.

    How do you celebrate the holidays?

    Have your plans for Christmas and New Years been changed due to the corona measures? Or have you already prepared with a coronaproof Christmas plan? Share your plans with us at:

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