We could all use a little fun, right? Time for an outing! Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam is more atmospheric than ever this winter, with cozy lights and special young animals.

The zoo has been decorated extra attractively until 9 January. For example, the main route is nicely lit and – after you have visited the baby elephant Radjik, tapir Krissy and perhaps also okapi Mayala – you can warm up in the winter village in front of the Terrace Room. The mulled wine, apple strudel and pancakes at the wooden chalets are sure to make you glow. Or visit Amazonica: here you can take off the hats and scarves and imagine yourself in the tropics for a moment.

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Reserve your timeslot

Are you ready to If you want to brave the cold, you can take a special winter treasure hunt and discover how animals adapt to the climate. Here you can reserve a time slot for your visit to Winters Blijdorp. With a bit of luck there will even be a layer of snow, to make this outing even more romantic.

Win an overnight stay or dinner at the zoo

And we have another tip for you. If you buy a ticket for the Blijdorp lottery (you already play for € 2,13) you have the chance to spend the night in the zoo, with a view of the elephant meadow. The other prizes are also not out of place: who knows, maybe you will be able to spend a day with a zookeeper or dine in an unforgettable place. In addition, many wonderful prizes have been made available by organizations and sponsors who support Blijdorp.

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Photo: Diergaarde Blijdorp


You happy, elephants happy

The proceeds from the lottery go to the expansion of the elephant enclosure, so little Radjik and his family win anyway. You can buy a lottery ticket here and you will find all information about the Blijdorp lottery. The raffle will run through 12 January and the drawing of the winning tickets is on 13 January 2022 .


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