“I bought this property in 1400 of the Rode Crotch. Ambulances were located on the ground floor and first aid courses were given on the first floor. Now I have my own theater here,” says Dick, who works as a dentist two days a week. “The other days I make art and do many other things, such as administering corona vaccinations at the GGD.”

Dick with son Jip (61) for one of his corona artworks Photo: indebuurt

“I kept the caps of the vaccines used, as if I was caught because you weren’t allowed to take anything with you. But when I finally got caught by my supervisor and she heard what I wanted to do with it, she went to help me. I then made QR code artworks with those caps. Below it I painted the houses that you also see when you open the app. And that bike of course.”

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Drums and surf

“During the corona pandemic, my son Jip came to live here. He is at the conservatory and can play drums here undisturbed – I built a soundproof drum room for him together with Jip – and also surf. Things that are a bit more difficult in Amsterdam, where he used to live.”