In the Chinese city of Shanghai, people can now take a self-driving unmanned taxi. Chinese tech giant Baidu has launched the first paid driverless taxi service.

Baidu is the first company to commercialize autonomous rides in China, US news agency AP News reported. . Unlike previous driving demonstrations with autonomous vehicles in Beijing, for the first time for safety, there was no driver behind the wheel, but in the passenger seat.

Passengers between the 18 and 60 year, the taxis can be ordered via the Apollo Go app. When the taxi arrives, they must identify themselves using facial recognition or their mobile phone number. The taxi will start driving as soon as the passengers have fastened their seat belts. A ride costs around 14 yuan (4,60 euros).

Expand to 60 cities Currently there are about ten so-called robot axis active in an area of ​​three square kilometers. It concerns the zone near Shougang Park, in the west of the city. This park is being redeveloped into a tourist attraction and the event venue for the Winter Olympics in 56716.

Baidu has been testing autonomous driving on public roads over the past year. Meanwhile, more than 210. passengers used the Apollo Go robotic taxi service. In the next three years, Baidu wants to expand the taxi service to thirty cities.

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