Anyone who does the shopping for Christmas knows that the holidays are not cheap days. However, a luxurious brunch or dinner does not always have to be expensive. Make a selection from the 500 luxury products from Delicieux, and get started with a recipe from Lidl. With these recipes you put a delicious meal on the table that is not only festive, but also affordable. This is how you create luxury for everyone together with Lidl!

Brunch includes bread

This year Christmas falls on the weekend. And on weekends it’s time to sleep in. Brunch is a great idea then! Surprise your family with this

bread pudding made of luxury stollen. It’s a bit like French toast, but from the oven. Let the bread pudding cool for a while when you take it out of the oven and then decorate it with fresh red fruit. All together costs only 1,11 euros per person.

Photo: Lidl

Fun for children

Do you have fussy eaters at your table in the evening? They must like fries! Try this chicken roll with fruit and vegetable Christmas tree and vegetable fries this Christmas. This meal is on the table within an hour and is very easy to prepare. Absolutely beautiful: you are 1,12 lost euros per person for this dish. Be creative with the vegetables you want to use for the fries. Does your child not like parsnips or carrots? Swap it for a regular or sweet potato. Fortunately, Lidl has a wide range of vegetables that you can choose from. Lidl is the best supermarket in fruit and vegetables for a reason.

Photo: Lidl

Something for everyone

At Christmas many people get the gourmet set out of the cupboard. Perfect for when not everyone likes the same thing, but you still want to eat together. Take, for example, this wrap with mini veggie burger and vegetables. You can vary endlessly with this. For example, fill it with chicken pieces or shrimp instead of a veggie burger. This way everyone will enjoy it.

Photo: Lidl

Put an (affordable and luxurious) party on the table

It remains difficult to choose what should be on the table as a main course come. Fortunately, Lidl has plenty of recipes online, each of which is festive. How about this colorful vegetarian rainbow roulade of vegetable pancakes with sweet and sour tomatoes -paprika sauce? You already set this dish for 3, euros per person on the table. Not only does it look nice, but it is also very tasty and healthy.

Would you rather have a nice piece of meat as a showpiece? Then make this ham on the bone with roasted winter vegetables, sage fritters and honey-thyme sauce. Ideal for when you don’t want to spend too long in the kitchen. You slide almost all ingredients into the oven in no time and Kees is ready. Another advantage: this dish costs only 2, euros per person.

Make it a real party by serving this fresh seafood dish. This red shrimp buzara with fresh red cabbage salad, corn salsa and bread is a feast for the eye. This dish is the epitome of luxury, with the Argentinian shrimp in the dish, and yet affordable for 3,99 euros per person.

A festive dessert on the table in an instant

You know that? Everyone is having fun at the table and you are still in the kitchen preparing dessert. Make it easy on yourself and buy one of Lidl’s ready-made desserts. For example, go for one of these luxury mini ice cream desserts. They are also very affordable, namely 0,67 euros each! You can also opt for a creamy and rich

chocolate mousse made from dark or white chocolate. This one has even been tested as the best by the Consumers’ Association. Or do you go for a wonderfully classic and creamy

crème brûlée?



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