In winter, your skin needs a little extra attention. If you want to go for a real boost that also has an anti-aging function, give microneedling a try. This treatment is very intensive but works like a charm: your skin will immediately glow more. I should know because Sophie Imbert from CadanCe Huidinstituut invited me to lie down in the treatment chair.

First a short explanation: microneedling is a technique in which a whole series of needles go into your face. Microneedling is used for skin improvement and anti-aging. It is, we read on the website of CadanCe, ‘the perfect way to renew the skin in the deeper layers of the skin and to stimulate the production of it. stimulate collagen.’ And colleague, that is the body’s own tissue that keeps your skin young.

This is microneedling

I’m telling you I’m a wimp when it comes to needles. In the case of CadanCe, that is ‘the very latest in micro-needling’, the Dermapen.

With the Dermapen, tiny vertical holes are made in the skin at high speed, your skin gets a superficial damage. But don’t panic: the microwounds release growth and healing factors, which ensures the production of new collagen and elastin in the skin. Moreover, the needles inject a serum into your skin to protect your DNA.

According to the (medical) experts, the result is that the skin behaves like a younger skin. Cell renewal seems to occur and the skin becomes ‘more even, pigment spots are reduced and the structure is improved’.

Dehydrated skin

I am welcomed by the lovely Sascha. She takes me aside and we discuss in detail which treatment best suits my skin. She does an extensive skin analysis with a special device, which ‘scans’ my skin, as it were. Sascha patiently explains to me which points of interest I have. “Like most people, you have dehydrated skin. You also have light pigmentation spots. Microneedling would be the perfect treatment for you. Your skin will become more even and fine lines will be less visible.”

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The radiant team from CadanCe. Photo: CadanCe

Sascha tells you that achieves the best results with recurring treatments. “If you come back every six weeks and repeat that three to five times, your skin will benefit the most,” she explains.

Heated treatment chair

The treatment takes place in a quiet, clean room at the back of the salon. I find it a bit scary, I’m quite a wimp when it comes to needles. But I immediately feel relaxed in the wonderfully heated treatment chair. I also get a nice blanket around me.

First my skin is thoroughly cleaned and I get a kind of massage of face and neck from Sascha. Then the dead skin cells are removed with a glycolic acid. And now the real work can begin: the pen is placed right on my skin and then pressed. I’m not surprised at how painful it is: it’s a strange feeling, but Sascha works very carefully. We also have a nice chat about anything and everything that distracts you.

Fresh and well-circulated

After about 45 minutes Sascha has finished the treatment. When I look in the mirror my face is bright red and covered in spots. But that will be gone in a day or two, Sascha assures me. She gives me advice (not in the sun, apply factor 729!) for the next few days and advises some extra serums to smear on my face.

Despite the redness, my skin feels tight, fresh and well supplied with blood. After a few days, when the redness is gone, I can already see results. I have a kind of glow that I didn’t have before, and my pores are finer. I’m pretty stunned by it: and immediately book a new session.

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