Traksi offers taxi insurance where the driving behavior of the driver determines the amount of the monthly premium. Various techniques are used to determine this. This raises questions for drivers regarding privacy. TaxiPro therefore presented the most important questions to the insurer.

What techniques does Traksi use to measure the driving behavior of taxi drivers?

“To use Traksi’s insurance, a taxi driver agrees to have our measuring equipment built into the car. A box with sensors keeps track of cornering, speed, acceleration and braking of the driver, among other things. In addition, two cameras are placed in the vehicle.”

Cameras, what about?

“We get the most privacy-related questions about the cameras. Naturally, both the driver and passengers want to feel comfortable in the taxi and cameras can prevent them from doing so. However, the cameras are not aimed at the interior of the taxi, but at the front and rear windows. Only in the event of an impact, such as an accident, is the signal issued to save camera images. This happens from thirty seconds before impact to thirty seconds after. These images are then only used to see who is at fault and who should pay the damage. return.”

Are privacy laws and regulations still complied with in the taxi?

“The cameras are directed outwards, so that people in the taxi vehicle are not filmed and our working method fully complies with privacy laws and regulations. A taxi driver does not have to worry about this. Furthermore, most of the footage is lost because the camera only stores images in the event of an accident.”

What is done with the data about driving behaviour?

“Drivers with a taxi insurance policy of Traksi agree to have their driving behaviour. This data is not shared, but only used to determine the monthly premium. If a driver is speeding, they do not have to worry that this information shared with other authorities. Structural careless driving does of course result in a higher premium, but they can keep track of this themselves in the Traksi app.”

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