You can get fitter by making small adjustments to your lifestyle. For example, eat an apple as a snack, take the bike to the store and go to bed on time. This way you ensure that you get a better resistance within a few weeks and therefore become fitter. Getting enough exercise, eating healthy and relaxing: it sounds so easy, but it isn’t always. Fortunately, you are not alone. We asked a number of residents of The Hague what they do to get fitter.

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Stan Dziarkowski

The cheerful Stan is still a hard worker and that is what keeps him fit, he thinks to himself. According to Stan, sports is not for him. He runs a successful large event merchandising business with his family. “I’m always on the move during my work: getting things out of the warehouse, keeping things on the right track or selling merchandising. You stand and walk a lot, I hardly stand still.”

A drink and a nice meal are more than welcome in the evening. Stan: “I like good food and a beer, but in moderation. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, which also keeps me healthy. I don’t eat meat more than once a week, and that makes me feel good physically.” Furthermore, Stan is very fanatical in the household and in the garden, which is also good for his body. “I am very precise when it comes to vacuuming. I also like gardening. These things definitely keep me fit.”

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Stan is a busy owner. Photo: private property

Chris Faber

Chris not only looks after his own health, but also that of his partner and two children. He likes to cook and prefers to do so with fresh vegetables. “I avoid ready meals. I like to cook stews at this time of year. That gives a lot of energy and you need that in the fall and winter. My favorite is endive stew. I also eat four to five pieces of fruit every day. I try to teach my children that too.”

He also tries to pay attention to his night’s rest. “It is sometimes difficult with two young children, but by sticking to strict bedtimes, it works out quite well. When I find myself ready to go to bed early, I listen to it. Sometimes I go to bed at nine o’clock. Very boring, but it does make me feel fit.”

Photo: near

Conny L’Abée

Conny has been living a very healthy life in recent years, she says. This lady does not like walking, but does exercise three times a week. And she feels great about that. “I do a group Pilates class one morning a week. The latter works very well against shrinking your body: you stretch and stretch a lot,” she says. Conny also likes to cycle: “But then the weather has to be nice”, she laughs.

Furthermore, Conny is very conscious about her diet. “I avoid sugars and eat low-carb as much as possible. So not so many potatoes and bread. This makes me feel much fitter. ”

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Conny and her cat Karel. Photo: near

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