It really sucks that there is no Christmas market in The Hague for the second year in a row. Corona throws a spanner in the works again. But luckily there is festive news! The Hague is in fact in the top 85 of the Europe’s most popular Christmas markets.

The top 85 it was result of an investigation by Holidu. There are 85 European cities in the top and only seven of these are located in the Netherlands.

The most popular Christmas markets in Europe

A great achievement, that The Hague in the top 85 of the cities with the most popular Christmas markets. The Hague is in place 53. Although at first glance that does not seem very high in a top 100, our Hofstad left many large European cities behind.

The other six Dutch places that appear in the top 100 of the popular Christmas markets are Amsterdam (on site 51), Valkenburg (on site ), Maastricht (on site ), Haarlem (on site 77), Groningen (on site ) and Arnhem.

Alternatives for the Hague Christmas market

Because the Royal Christmas Fair is canceled this year, there are all kinds of nice alternatives in the city center in The Hague. There are thousands of lights on the Lange Voorhout, carriages ride at the weekend and beautiful Christmas trees can be seen in the city on the left and right. For more fun during the Christmas period in The Hague, click here.

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